Dogs At Weddings – A Growing Trend

dog at weddings

Here at Every Last Detail we LOVE animals and have a special love for dogs. I especially look forward to a wedding where a fur-baby will be in attendance as it’s our chance to hang out with a new furry friend while taking the worry of caring for the pet from the Bride and Groom.

As a member of the Monterey County SPCA and volunteer at an animal shelter in Santa Clara County, my love for animals runs deep so it’s important for us to do what we can to allow the Bride and Groom the opportunity to involve their fur babies in their wedding days. It’s what we call our “VIP” service and many of our couples have found it to be an invaluable element in their stress-free wedding day.

I shared my idea for this blog with my pal and writer Sally Inman and she was able to sum up in a few paragraphs what would have taken me chapters to do.

Dogs at Weddings – A Growing Trend.

More and more people these days are choosing to involve their beloved pooches in their weddings. And why wouldn’t they? Our dogs (and of course, any other pets!) are an incredibly important part of our lives, and many believe that it would be wrong to have this significant event without their furry friends present. Here are a few reasons to bring your dog to your wedding, and a few things to consider in the process.

Your Dog Is Good For You.

Weddings are stressful. There’s such a lot to organize, from things as ostensibly simple as picking the right flowers, to things as complex as organizing the venue. During this time, your pets can be a valuable source of comfort, and a much-needed grounding influence (it’s hard to be a Bridezilla when you’re picking poop off the sidewalk). Dogs in particular have long been acknowledged to have powerful de-stressing abilities, and to be incredibly good at calming and comforting their owners. As the wedding jitters set in, having your pets present can help to ward off the dreaded cold feet, and keep both bride and groom on an even emotional keel as they head towards the big event. Of course, if you’re planning to involve your pet in all stages of the wedding, then do consider that they may leave fur and/or muddy paw prints etc on things like pristine bridal gowns. It may be an idea to ensure that they’re well-groomed and not likely to rip or muddy any clothing – lest their presence becomes more of a stressful than a calming one!

It Can Be Nicer Than The Alternative.

Let’s face it, there are lots of reasons to leave your pet out of your wedding – most of them dependent upon their temperament. If they’re very nervous, snappy, excitable, or uncontrollable then a wedding may not be the place for them. They also add an unpredictable element into the mix. Such pets are better off elsewhere than in a place where they are not only likely to disrupt proceedings, but to get distressed themselves. However, if your pet is well-behaved, easy to control, and likely to enjoy being involved in a wedding, then it may actually be a lot kinder to involve them in the ceremony and reception (assuming that the venue allows for it!). The alternative may be to either leave them at home all day (distressing for a dog, not so much for a cat), board them at a kennel, or arrange for your pet sitter to stay with them for the day or weekend. They may well prefer to be with you, involved in the fun and love of the wedding ceremony. If the right kind of provisions are made to ensure that they’re comfortable, calm, and not hassled, then it may actually be a lot better for your pet to be involved in your wedding than to be left in unfamiliar surroundings, on their own, or with an unfamiliar person.

Share Your Special Day with Your Fur Baby.


If you’d like your fur-baby to share in your special day, give us a call and we’ll make it happen!



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