Wedding Glam for the Lovely Lady

There are so many different wedding makeup looks that we cannot cover them all but we do know that there are a few that seem to always hit the jackpot, The Classic Bride, The Vintage Woman and The Effortless Beauty. Let’s jump right in and let us know which you are!

The Classic Bride

The Classic Bride is the woman that is subtle, she keeps the makeup neutral with a pop of color. We’re talking  golds and nudes with bold lashes and rouge lipsticks making a very clear statement. As they say, K.I.S.S – Keep it Simple Sweetheart, and this is the very classicmotto the Classic Bride tends to live by.





























The Vintage Woman

The soft, dewy and ever so elegant lady that graces the isles with a blush pinks and subtle shimmer. The Vintage Bride wears her hair in loose styles emphasizing her natural features while displaying her glowing radiance.










The Effortless Beauty

Dare we say, Bohemian Chic? This Bride brings the classy with the sassy with a very airy feeling. Her make up is a cross between the glamorous and the everyday wear. Pops of color with bold eyes, braids or long tresses frame her face. The Effortless beauty makes life look like a vacation.


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